The State of Personal Fitness

By Sean Keats, CSCS

(WINDSOR, ON) – Is your Personal Trainer making you better or just tired? This week I want to break away from my usual, formal writing style.  Only because this is a serious subject and needs to be written from the heart.

The term “Personal Trainer” gets thrown out there quite often — even from people who don’t possess a certification of any kind and just want to be a trainer because they either a) enjoy working out or b) see the possibility to make lots of money within fitness.

And even the trainers who do hold a certification, their level of knowledge begins and ends right there.  They don’t seek continuing education.

Unless you count reading magazines from the rack inside Chapters.

I’m an advocate of trainers seeking out seminars, workshops and anything else that they can attend to learn from people smarter than them.

Believe it or not, Personal Trainers fall under the same umbrella within Health and Wellness as Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, etc.

317ASP844-44690601Why Is There Such a Disconnect?

I’d say that 90% of trainers do nothing more than make their clients tired.

I’ve been guilty of this in the past, while following trends in the industry, but I’ve learned my lesson.

This isn’t the job of a Fitness Professional — a title that I hold proudly.

This approach by trainers does nothing more than make them an incredible referral source for the Chiropractors and Physical Therapists of the world.

Is Your Trainer Beating You Up?

As a weight loss specialist, I agree that there should be a level of discomfort while working out.  It’s not supposed to be easy.

But the trainer who doesn’t assess their clients and re-assess over and over again bugs me to no end.

Beating up clients by making them run aimlessly around a park or do extreme calisthenics is not personal training!

Our job as Fitness Professionals is to help the client achieve their goals, but also to make sure this is done in a safe atmosphere.  This safe atmosphere can only be made by assessing the client to see if there are any movement dysfunctions or nagging injuries and by properly measuring their level of fitness.

The actual job of a trainer is to make you better, not throw you to the wolves and wish you luck.

I think a great follow-up next week should be how to find a Personal Trainer… The right way.

Sean Keats is a personal fitness trainer in Windsor and is a Weight Loss Expert for Busy People.  For more information about Sean, visit his website at

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