The Lance Lives To Report Again

By Sarah Horwath

(WINDSOR, ON) – The Lance, the University of Windsor’s official campus and community newspaper, is pleased to announce that, through successful negotiations, the paper’s fiscal position has entered a positive and sustainable state.

Rob Crawford, president of the University of Windsor Students’ Alliance (UWSA), Dr Alan Wildeman, University of Windsor president, and Jon Liedtke, deficit consultant for The Lance, were able to come to an agreement which saw both the UWSA and the University of Windsor absorb 50% of the outstanding deficit respectively.

“The UWSA is pleased that we were able to take steps towards rectifying our relationship with The Lance by fulfilling our original agreement made in 2001 to provide financial services to The Lance without cost,” said Crawford. “We look forward to helping The Lance achieve independence.”

The Lance appreciates and offers sincere thanks and gratitude to the UWSA and the University of Windsor, as well as the countless supporters who made their voices well heard, quite literally, across the globe.

“I am pleased to have helped negotiate a resolution between The Lance, the UWSA and the University of Windsor,” said Liedtke. “The Lance has been and will continue to be the University of Windsor’s official campus and community newspaper. With this positive resolution both The Lance and the UWSA are poised to embark on a positive working relationship.”

Looking forward, both the UWSA and The Lance intend to seek separation to ensure that the student body continues to receive unparalleled and uncompromised journalism on campus.

Sarah Horwath is the Editor-in-Chief of The Lance

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