Jeselnik Shocks Detroit

Anthony Jeselnik performed at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, MI, on October 24, 2013. Photo by Ian Shalapata.

Anthony Jeselnik performed at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, MI, on October 24, 2013. Photo by Ian Shalapata.

By Ian Shalapata

(ROYAL OAK, MI) – “Some lines were not meant to be crossed,” but every line was crossed, and more, last night in Royal Oak as comedian Anthony Jeselnik rolled into, and over, Detroit.

Jeselnik is the star of his own Comedy Central show, The Jeselnik Offensive, and has appeared on the roasts of Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump, and Roseanne Barr. As well, Jeselnik has written for Jimmy Fallon, and has appeared on Conan and on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

In response to his time with Jimmy Fallon Jeselnik said, “The best thing about Jimmy Fallon was leaving Jimmy Fallon.”

Shocking is the best description for the styling’s of Anthony Jeselnik. There is no subject that is taboo or off-limits for his biting brand of comedy. It is open season on everything from 9/11 to rape and from shark attacks to Shakespeare. He describes himself as “dark” and LA Weekly has said his stage show is “unlikeable, dirty, and downright disturbing.”

Jeselnik’s routine is not for everybody, and he doesn’t care. But there is another side to the irascible comic.

The opening to this piece was a Jeselnik tweet from April of this year. But you won’t find it if you were to peruse his Twitter account.

Comedy Central threatened to fire Jeselnik if he didn’t delete the tweet. He did so, not because it crossed a line that shouldn’t have been. He did so not because the subject was too fresh and too hurtful. He did so because he didn’t want to jeopardize the livelihood of those who worked on his show, just to prove a point.

Anthony Jeselnik is in the tail end of a stand-up tour that will bring him back in this direction for two shows on November 7 in Chicago.

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