Flocking DIY


By Jessica Faught

(WINDSOR, ON) – Baby its cold outside! Have you ever wanted to have the gorgeous effects of fresh fallen snow indoors? Well, now you can.

One of the most expensive Christmas décor trends is having a flocked Christmas tree. After a couple of hours of your time, you can have this exquisite, fashionable look.

Snowy Tree.When doing a flocked Christmas tree, the only supplies you will need are two containers of white acrylic paint. You should know that this is somewhat of a messy job, so take time and cover your floor with plastic, and open a window to allow the paint fumes to escape; although acrylic paint is almost scent-free.

First, separate your tree branches well, make sure to remove any left over tinsel or garland pieces from last year, then apply your paint. I found that dabbing the paint on, rather than doing the strokes, is less messy. You want to have paint flicking off your branches as you’re covering them.

Your results should look like freshly fallen snow.

Notice that there are still remnants of evergreen showing. In order to accomplish this look you should only cover about 12-15 cm of your tree branch ends.

What I like about using the acrylic paint, as opposed to spray paint, is that with acrylic you’re dealing with a less flammable issue. Acrylic paint also dries fairly quickly after application, so your drying time is only about 45 minutes for the entire tree.

It is a good fashion idea to follow through with flocking on all evergreen garland that will be used in the same room to allow for a nice continuity.

Why flock?

Flocking adds a bit of a wintery wonderland, an instant snowy effect, to the inside of your home for the holidays. It also really gives a pop to the ordinary evergreen or blue spruce tree.

Flocking is easy, and little ones can assist with proper direction, too.

And to save the best reason for last, if you’re a fan of the look, it will cost you much less to DIY considering a pre-lit, 7 foot Christmas tree can cost anywhere from $799-$899, in local department stores. If you’re like me, and have expensive taste, put in a little extra time and rock that look for your Christmas home décor.

Just an FYI. The hottest Christmas décor trends are animal print, neon, and two colour theme stripes, to name a few. But whatever look you decide upon, I truly hope you and yours enjoy all the joy that this season brings.

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