Editorial: Lip Service For Council Seat

(WINDSOR, ON) – In regards to the seat left empty by the premature departure of Percy Hatfield, there are two things that can happen; the seat can be filled by way of a by-election, or Council can appoint someone to warm the seat until the election.

Instead of proactively deciding upon a course of action, the mayor and council are now scrambling in the face of criticism concerning what some of them have said should happen.

In an attempt to appear to be inclusive, Francis has taken to the radio, and there have been reports in the local paper, asking for community input into the matter. He wants people to call 519-255-6315 or to email Mayor’sOffice@city.windsor.on.ca with what you think should happen, and how, with the seat for Ward 7.

Go ahead and let them know what you think.

Not that it will do any good. Some councilors are already saying that they have already “heard from residents.” That is code for “I have already decided what I want to do.”

How the seat was to be filled should have been decided upon before the provincial election occurred. The window trappings of public consultation is for display purposes only.

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Ian Shalapata
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  1. The mayor will prolong a decision on what he will do so that it will not be worth a bi-election and appoint a city councillor for the balance of the term. Eddie needs all the tax dollars he can save to maintain the blunder Aquatic Centre, and pay for these non-Olympic children’s games.

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