Detroit Has The Big Fist; Windsor Has…

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As you know, one of Detroit’s symbols is the “BIG FIST.”



Naturally, Windsor has to do one better. We have something even bigger that definitely will put us on the world map.

This photograph was provided to the Windsor Square by a reader. He states that this natural sculpture is located in the second park from the bridge – east of the parking lot – just past the horse head. How appropriate:


According to him, he is not certain when it was erected. Nor does he know who the model was for the sculpture.

I don’t care what anyone says, Windsor is now world-class. You have to have balls in order to put up a sculpture like this!

Take that Stephen Colbert. You claim to  be “America’s ballsiest pundit.”  Pshaw, Windsor is no longer the rectum of the world.

Who is the sculptor? Clearly, it is an anonymous person but one with artistic style.

Don’t worry, the Mayor will blame CUPE for it! No matter how hard they work, they get the blame for everything.

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