Camouflaged Warning Signs

By Josh Haddon

(WINDSOR, ON) – Your boss calls it “letting you go” because it sounds better than telling you “you’re fired”. Pro-Abortion Groups call it “pro-choice” because it sounds better than “Pro-Fetus Killing”. Anti-Abortion groups call it “Pro-Life” because it makes the opposition sound as if they are anti-life.

(Note: As a man with no womb or the other essential anatomy to produce a child, I take no stand on abortion.)

These are called euphemisms. It is called ‘spin’ in marketing and advertising. Our government has some of the best marketers on the planet. Even better than the people who had over half of my friends wearing Crocs.

The warning signs are everywhere. What I write about isn’t a secret. I just write it in words that people understand and in turn, generally deny it is happening. I’ve realized the more proof you give someone, the crazier they think you are. For example, if I wrote that the Central Banks are using quantitative easing to stimulate the economy and create jobs, most people would get excited. “What a great idea!” they would exclaim. Take a moment and Google ‘quantitative easing’…nothing to be excited about there.

The government camouflages what is really happening and sells the general public fancy buzz words and promises of a better tomorrow.

What is Quantitative Easing? The short answer: Printing money that doesn’t exist. The risk of quantitative easing is that, even though more money is floating around, there is still a fixed amount of goods and services for sale. This will eventually lead to higher prices or inflation.

Let me ask you this, if you, dear reader, had a money printing machine and you could print millions of dollars for you and everyone you know, what do you think would happen? Now, what if your neighbour had the same money printing machine and did the same amount of printing? What if there were two people like you in every city in Canada? All of a sudden, there would be 1000’s of people with millions of dollars that didn’t exist yesterday – this would make our current currency worth much less.

Think about how expensive diamonds are, if one day the skies opened up and it rained diamonds across the globe – diamonds would become worthless. That dear reader – is inflation. Through quantitative easing, the government is raining money (‘making in rain’ for my more ‘hip’ or ‘urban’ readers) on us and deflating the value of our currency, making what we earn per hour today; worth less than yesterday. The trickery of it all is that the dollar amount on our cheques stays the same – the dollars just aren’t worth as much.

I imagine you are starting to see why I suggested hoarding gasoline as a store of wealth as opposed to your fiat currency sitting in the bank?

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