Windsor Square Exclusive: Councillor Under Fire For Facebook Comments

A city councillor’s claim on Facebook  the city’s former auditor general “refused” to audit the Windsor Public Library is not true according to Todd Langlois.

Ward 1 councillor Drew Dilkens, in response to calls to hire an auditor general following Al Maghnieh’s credit card scandal, wrote Saturday, “Todd Langlois, our former Auditor General, refused to audit the library when requested to do so after the the [sic] Andrew MacAvoy charges were uncovered.”

Dilkens did not respond to questions by publication time emailed by the Windsor Square on Sunday.

But Langlois told the Windsor Square because he reported to city council the only way he could audit the library was if he was directed by council to do so – a direction that was never given.

“The library is not a municipally controlled corporation or board.  It is out of scope 100%.  I couldn’t look at the library.  I had to be invited in, as I would have to be invited in to audit Windsor Police Services.”

Section 223.1 of Ontario’s Municipal Act does not define the Police Services Board or the Library Board as a “local board” which according to Langlois means he couldn’t conduct an audit without city council approval.

But that approval was sought he said.

In an August 5th email  to Mayor Eddie Francis, Langlois requested a “meeting with the ECC [Executive Committee of Council] as previously discussed”  to go over the “RFP/Resourcing, the Library, and Hotline (if wanted).”

That meeting never happened.

Mayor Francis did not respond to questions by publication time emailed by the Windsor Square Monday.

Langlois said he was approached by Ward 10 city councillor Al Maghnieh to “look into the allegations against MacAvoy” adding  it was not a request for a “library audit.”

“It was a targeted incident,” said Langlois.  “I did say to the Mayor if you want me to investigate this, I don’t think that’s the best use of the AG’s office, especially when I had limited staff.”

And even though Langlois requested a meeting no formal request came from either city council or the audit committee.

 “I requested and received all documents surrounding the MacAvoy situation and all the information was already gathered and laid out,” he said. “The next steps would have been  to decide how to proceed and to review policies and procedures.”

And because the Auditor General’s Office had limited staff, on the recommendation of Audit Committee Vice-President Bill Carter, Langlois suggested the Office of Continuous Improvement could “review the process and procedures.”

Once that had been completed the Auditor General’s Office “could revisit” the issue once “higher risk priorities were audited and completed.”


Correction:  Story has been updated to correct a misunderstanding.  It was previously stated the AGO had no staff.  The AGO did have staff but not a full complement of staff.   The AGO was challenged to complete it’s own mandate let alone take on something additional that was not high risk and did not pose significant future exposure.  I apologise for any confusion this may have caused.

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  1. Honesty | 5 May 2012 at 08:14 |

    Drew Dilkens seems to talk before he gets the facts, and should know that the mayor’s office or city council has to give the AG permission to audit the library. I believe in what Todd Langlois is saying more than I would Dilkens. One would think being on city council you would know the rules before making a statement like Drew Dilkens has, no wonder we have problems at city hall.

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