Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

By Robert Tuomi

(WINDSOR, ON) – In the land of the unaccountable, the communications flow is blocked. While he may not be afraid of Virginia Woolf, the famous Edward Albee character, although this is not proven, the city of Windsor’s un-communications czar is apparently scared silly of the Windsor Square.

And for good reason. With an education in the social sciences, a pre-requisite for a person in his position, the czar, a Jason Moore, is most likely well-versed in the proven theories of how opinions are formed put down on paper over a hundred years by the father of sociology, Jean-Gabriel de Tarde, and why wouldn’t he be?

It is because of this that Moore is probably shaking in his boots – that might even be the source of the Windsor hum.

Has Al Maghnieh even thought about checking that out? Probably not, and this is not meant to belittle the concerns of those forced to deal with the hum. It is only to belittle the unresponsive Maghnieh who uses it for media photo opportunities.

Despite the width and breath of his social sciences education, Moore has elected to join the ranks of the sycophants at city hall and recently told one of his operatives, named Jill, that the city is not about to communicate with the Square after the Square formally asked to be put on the city’s distribution list for its news releases.

Jill seems very good at taking orders and reported back to the Square, “I have spoken to my Manager and he has informed me that we are not adding any names to our distribution list right now.”

It is really nice to see that in an open and democratic society there are no restrictions limiting those who want to ask to be on the city’s list. Apparently, the problem is getting on the list. It might be a catch 22, you can ask but you can’t get on.

No doubt the reason Moore is so scared of the Square is because he knows its audience happens to be at a higher demographic, as the demographers would say. This means that those who follow the Square are more likely to have a higher degree of education. It is a very influential readership. Though what really must send panic through every one of his bones is the fact that “the more educated you are, the more likely you are to vote.”

Although this was just revealed, and reported in the Windsor Star on Saturday, February 25, 2012, Moore probably knew about this earlier because he, like most in his field, keeps up with the abstracts. The article, penned by Peter Henderson of Postmedia News, included some very disturbing information, at least for Moore, being “If you’re between the ages of 25 and 34, having a university education means you’re more than twice as likely to vote as someone with only a high school education.”

Moore’s whole communications strategy, as seen from the outside, is to put a tourniquet on communications in the hope that the less people know the more they will throw their support behind failed mayor Edgar Francis in the next election.

The only problem with this, and Moore should know this, is that the truth has a habit of getting out and when news organizations like the Square operate with no blinders it gets out often and the more often it gets out it causes people to talk, and, bingo, vis-à-vis Jean-Gabriel de Tarde, opinions are formed that could be damaging to the mayor given they are based on fact and not spin from Moore.

Moore should work at working with all media outlets. It is likely what most taxpayers probably think he is doing. Sadly, apparently they could be wrong.

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Ian Shalapata
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