Top Wines From 2011

By Robert K. Stephen (CSW)

(WINDSOR, ON) – Thanks to all you dear readers who have read my wine reviews in 2011. Essentially from a wine politico point of view I am an anarchist in that if you seized your own taste buds and took firm control of your wine education you would not have to read my reviews. But until these days of terror arise or until Post Media offers me a lucrative deal to syndicate my wine reviews to escape my high paying and prestigious position at The Square you are stuck with me.

I am not as exciting as the Aquatic Centre or DRIC but we gotta drink wine to forget the elitist dreams of various politicians eh? So what hit the spot for Robert K. Stephen at the Windsor Square in 2011? I think top 10 has a certain authoritative ring to it but there are too many ties so we have less than a perfect top ten. Lake Erie North Shore wines are there but there is a paucity of those wines sent my way whereas the wineries of Niagara are far more generous and sophisticated in keeping wine writers well supplied.

In fact I have received more wines from Italy and Nova Scotia than Lake Erie North Shore lately. Can’t see the trees for the forest eh? An exception has been Colchester Ridge Estate Winery which I predict is going to breakthrough to the big time in 2012. They have the product and are not afraid to promote it. There is more to wine than wine. Your resolution for 2012?

TOP CANADIAN REDS IN 2011 (Rosé Included)

  1. Featherstone Estate Winery, VQA Niagara Peninsula 2010 Rosé, $14.95, 96/100.
  2. Muscedere 2008 Cabernet Franc,VQA Lake Erie North Shore, $16, 95/100.
  3. Le Clos Jordanne Le Grand Close 2009 Pinot Noir,VQA Twenty Mile Bench, $70, 95/100.
  4. Flat Rock Cellars, 2009 Gravity Pinot Noir, VQA Twenty Mile Bench, $29.95, 94/100.
  5. Church and State BCVQA 2007 Quintessential, $50, 93/100.
  6. Aleksander Estate Winery, VQA Ontario, 2009 Chambourcin, $14.95, 93/100.
  7. Colchester Ridge Estate Winery 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, LENS, $18, 93/100 .
  8. Mike Weir 2009 Rosé,VQA Niagara Peninsula $14.95, 93/100.
  9. Muscedere 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, VQA LENS, $30, 92/100.
  10. Pelee Island Winery 2009 Alvar Pinot Noir, 14.95,92/100.
  11.  Church and State,VQA Merlot Okanagan Valley, $26, 92/100.
  12.  Inniskillin 2009, Three Vineyards Cabernet Franc,VQA Niagara Peninsula, $22.95.
  13. Le Clos Jordanne 2009 Village Reserve Pinot Noir, Niagara Peninsula, $30, 92/100.
  14. Cave Spring 2008 Gamay,VQA Niagara Peninsula, $14.95, 92/100.
  15. Erie Shore Vineyard 2008 Summer Sun Rosé,VQA Lake Erie North Shore, $ 12.65, 92/100.
  16. Nyarai Cellars Veritas 2007,VQA Niagara Peninsula $24.95. 92/100.
  17. Church and State BCVQA 2009 Merlot Okanagan Valley, $26, 92/100.

TOP CANADIAN WHITES IN 2011 (Sparklers Included)

  1. Rosehall Run 2008 Chardonnay,VQA Prince Edward County, $29.95, 95/100.
  2. Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery 2009 Pinot Gris, $11.40, 94/100.
  3. Flat Rock Cellars 2009 Rusty Shed Chardonnay, VQA Twenty Mile Bench, $24.95, 94/100.
  4. Flat Rock Cellars 2010 Gewürztraminer, VQA Twenty Mile Bench, $22.95, 93/100.
  5. Church and State 2008 Chardonnay, BCVQA, $25, 93/100.
  6. D’Angelo Estate Vineyards 2007  Blanc de Blanc, $10, 93/100.
  7. Jackson Triggs Entourage Gold Series 2008 Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, $22.95, 93/100.
  8. Cooper’s Hawk Vineyard 2010 Unoaked Chardonnay, $13.95, 93/100.
  9. Creekside Estate Winery 2010 VQA Sauvignon Blanc, $13.95, 92/100.
  10. Mike Weir 2008 Sparkling Brut,VQA Niagara Peninsula, $24.95, 92/100.
  11. Flat Rock Cellars 2007 Riddled, VQA Twenty Mile Bench, $24.95, 92/100.

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