Snyder Demands Edgar Open Windsor Brothels

The reason for the big visit to  Windsor by senior  Canadian and  American governmental  officials can now be told

Mayor Edgar (Eddie) Francis of Windsor has been put under intense pressure by the Governerd of Michigan and senior US and Canadian officials to open brothels in Windsor.

Edgar has said previously:

“Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis says you won’t be seeing brothels here anytime soon…

Francis says even if the language stays the same, or the government doesn’t appeal, then it falls on the municipality to deal with through zoning.

(Mike Vlasveld Blackburn News April 4, 2012)

Snyder, a huge advocate for the multibillion dollar DRIC bridge boondoggle and the Canadian Government, are desperate to increase traffic between Windsor and Detroit. Canada in fact will allow Canadians to purchase more in the US in order to encourage more cross-border trade.

Traffic numbers, especially for passenger vehicles, have crashed over the last decade with numbers only around 50% of their peak in the year 2000. The closing of the Windsor SLOTS, since the Ontario Government has said that they are being closed because traffic volumes are so low and because they do not expect numbers to increase drastically, has caused major problems for the Governerd and Canada. And now, with the Ohio casinos opening shortly, more traffic may be diverted from the Windsor crossing.

In order therefore to increase traffic, the DRIC-ites prevailed upon the Governerd to demand from Edgar that he open up brothels immediately so that young Michiganders can not only drink in Windsor but can attend at a new Windsor red light district. Such a location might be built where the Windsor Barn is now located because it is close to the Detroit/Windsor Tunnel.

Commentators noted that the last time a major Michigan government figure came to Windsor to meet with Edgar, he wound up in jail in Detroit.

Sources have told the Windsor Square that this in fact is also part of the Governerd’s secret plan to become the VP running mate of Mitt Romney. The Republicans have been looking for a way to counter Pres. Obama’s support of same-sex marriage and yet not antagonize their voter base. This has caused major problems for the Republican strategists.

However, the Governerd has brilliantly conceived the idea that if the Republicans are asked about the subject, then all that they will say is that if people want same-sex marriage, why it is so easy just to go to Windsor.

More to follow.

PS.    And in case  you don’t  now  it.  I am  just  kidding!

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  1. They may need to turn that new Aquatic Centre into a brothel, that will most likely be the only way it will survive.

  2. I was of the belief that Eddie’s all upset at the moment because he wasn’t invited to the meeting. I wonder if he’ll enact new bylaws that prevent his absence from future meetings.

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