Siliken Canada Announces Orderly Wind-Up

(TORONTO, ON) – Siliken Canada Corporation, one of Ontario’s leading solar module manufacturers in 2011 and 2012 announced today the closure of its manufacturing plant in Windsor, ON.

“It is hard for an industry to survive a drought of 6 months, without new contracts and with uncertainty about the existing ones. The market for product is too small to sustain so many producers,” states Paco Caudet, General Manager of Siliken Canada Corporation. “We believe in the Ontario marketplace and the long-term commitment to the Green Energy Act, but must concentrate our efforts on other jurisdictions of North America with more volumes in the short term.”

Siliken Canada Corporation has not received any subsidies from federal, provincial or local Canadian governments or any European government. Siliken intends to honour all outstanding obligations, including payments to vendors and employees as required by Canadian laws, and to carry out an orderly wind-up of its operations in Ontario as soon as possible. Current outstanding deliveries of orders to customers will be made and future product warranty claims will be backed by Siliken S.A., the parent and sole shareholder of Siliken Canada.

Siliken Canada would like to express its gratitude to the Ontario Works Program.

We would like to specially thank our dedicated team of employees in Ontario. They have over-performed during a difficult start-up environment and have been supportive of the company through difficult times. “If there had been a market we would have done very well,” says Paco Caudet. “Our productivity and quality numbers were very good, and the Siliken module is well-received in Ontario. The existing installations exceed performance expectations according to the feedback we receive from end users and other industry participants.”

Siliken Canada would also like to thank all customers and other stakeholders for their support these past few months, especially Certified Solar in Windsor, one of our most faithful customers in the province, they are supporting us until the very last day.

And we are proud of all the people in Ontario who believe in solar and have our modules installed on their properties. We expect they will benefit from our product for at least 20 years.

Our sales and administration service in Toronto is expected to continue until the end of June of this year in support of our suppliers, customers and other stakeholders as Siliken Canada winds-up in an orderly manner.

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