Maghnieh Out Of Intensive Care

Good news for the Dwight-Lite boosters, especially those who live in LaSalle.

The professional counselors who have been watching over Councillor Dwight-Lite over the last week have advised the Windsor Square that he has been removed from intensive care at the secret location where he is being helped.

One of the professional counselors to whom he has reached out stated that he is now:

“in a better state of mind where he can really have that type of deep assessment that I think he needs to have in terms of considering his options and in terms of considering what his next decision will be” (Windsor Star April 30, 2012)

The professional counselor however stated that his condition is still quite critical and was outraged at the suggestion made in the Windsor Star on Saturday:

“It would be reprehensible. But the shrewdest move Coun. Al Maghnieh could make right now would be to go find a friendly physician who’ll scribble out a note placing him on stress leave for the summer, or at least until Windsor’s integrity commissioner finishes his investigation.

If it’s all about survival, or at least postponing the inevitable fall, then a doctor-sanctioned timeout with continuing paycheques would seem an obvious choice over the rabid mob Maghnieh is almost certain to face Tuesday evening in council chambers.” (Gord Henderson Windsor Star May 5, 2012)

When asked what evidence would demonstrate that Councillor Maghnieh has made an improvement, the professional counselor pointed out the following Facebook comment (doubleclick for best view):

And these Retweets:

The professional counselor also gave an assessment of the situation:

“We think that with him moving back into his Councillor mode, as his recent Facebook postings demonstrate, there is absolutely no need for him to resign from Council,” the professional counselor stated. “We believe that he is fully capable of carrying on his municipal function. It appears that he will make a complete recovery. However, we are in no position to comment on what the Councillor will do from a political perspective.”

More members of the professional counselor firm were not available for questioning. They were reading the following:

“Left out of the lineup Friday after he was activated from baseball’s restricted list, all Detroit Tigers outfielder Delmon Young was capable of delivering was a mea culpa.

“I’d just like to apologize to everybody,” Young said before Friday’s 5-4 victory over the Chicago White Sox at Comerica Park.

“I put myself in a bad situation and I have no one to blame but myself.”

Speaking publicly for the first time since the April 27 incident in New York in which it is alleged that Young uttered anti-Semitic words and attacked a group of tourists outside a New York hotel, the damage control button was primed and operating.

Young, charged with second degree aggravated harassment, went to great lengths to emphasize he has nothing against Jews.

“I made a lapse in judgment, but I can tell you that I am not an anti-Semitic (person),” Young said…

For their part, the Tigers’ attempt to polish Young’s image included arranging a visit between him and Rabbi Joshua Bennett of Detroit.

“We had a great conversation,” Young said. “It went really well…

Young blames his misdeed on the demon bottle, and acknowledged that he has entered an alcohol-abuse treatment program.

“That incident was an alcohol-related incident,” Young insisted.” (Bob Duff Windsor Star May 5, 2012)

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