3 Comments on "MaghniCard: For Life’s Little Luxuries"

  1. -ProudWindsorite- | 28 April 2012 at 10:40 |

    Not sure if The Square has touched on this to a great extent but what stands out to me is an aspect that councillors don’t seem to be talking about. If Alex Cameron worked on Al Maghnieh’s campaign and was his friend, presumably everyone on the Library Board and I would guess that probably everyone on council knew this. No one had an issue with appointing Maghnieh’s friend to the board and putting him in charge of all of Al’s expenses? In this situation, “no one could have known” that there was potential for abuse? It’s a bit scary that this is how our boards are run and no one thinks twice of it…”Sure, put Al’s buddy on the board with him…seems like a nice guy! Yeah, let’s put him in charge of Finance so he’s approving all of Al’s expenses too, sounds great!”

  2. Don’t leave the city without it!

  3. blindsight | 24 April 2012 at 12:26 |

    After listening to AM800 is seems the School Board ,didn’t seem any wiser .

    “Maghnieh was issued a school board credit card a couple of months ago but Picard says everything adds up.”

    Hmmm, ok but….

    So you have to wonder over the ‘months’ this went on, no one at the school board would be a little concerned seeing what ‘little things’ it was used for, as someone they want representing them. Good lesson for the students don’t you think? Or is that just accepted as common practice to have on a board today ?

    We need more ‘White Wash’ on the fence as it’s getting a bit more dirty. And one last thing, is that a HUUM I hear AL?

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