Fabio Update

Honestly, it is getting freaky. I think there is some kind of an ESP between me and the Windsor Star. There has to be. Consider the following to see what I mean.

While I had written the Article some time ago, the Dwight-Lite scandal prevented me from posting the story about Fabio until today. At 3:15 PM.

I posted my notice on Facebook about the article at 3:23 PM.

I went back to my Homepage on Facebook and unbelievably the Star was advertising:

“The Windsor Star

Do you agree with Fabio Costante that it’s time to do something about those abandoned homes on Indian Road?”

I was completely dumbfounded.

It had been posted at 3:34 PM. I immediately went to the Windsor Star Blog Page and saw that they had posted his article at 3:31 PM.

What an unbelievable coincidence that I cannot explain at all other than it has to be “ESP.” Honest, I have no inside connections at the Star or at Postmedia who feed me this stuff so no investigation is required. I don’t have a Windsor Square corporate credit card so don’t even go there!

Anyway, if you want confirmation that there may be some truth to what I was speculating about Fabio, consider this:

“I spent a good part of my day last Sunday knocking on doors in Olde Sandwich Towne, particularly west of Huron Church Rd and east of Mill St. My primary intention was to discuss my blog (www.ourwestend.com) and help residents organize their neighbourhoods to address issues around crime and general community development.” (Fabio Costante Windsor Star May 4, 2012)

Yup, knocking on doors already to make himself known in the community long before the next municipal election. Get a good jump up on the competition and perhaps also the sitting Councillor. Smart move.

I was interested in reading his Blog however to see what his solution was respecting the boarded up homes on Indian Road. After all, the title was:

“Status Quo Not an Option for Boarded-Up Homes In Windsor’s West End”

Darn, he did not offer one. Instead:

“I will simply discuss the feelings and consensus of the residents who are directly impacted by such blight.”

Fabio needs to understand quickly that people need real answers not more platitudes. The feelings of the people there are already known so we don’t need to hear about them again from him.

“Clearly, the voices of those most affected by this blight are unambiguously saying ‘please do something.’ They have been patient long enough and now want to see more aggressive action from all stakeholders involved.”

Wow, thanks for that: aggressive action. Does he not have any idea what the situation is and what has been going on for years and why there has not been a solution!

Come on. Leadership means setting out what must be done and how not just talking about a 90-year-old resident that:

“that give me the energy to continue organizing and fighting.”

Fabio has not yet understood that if you are going to present an issue, especially in the Star Blogs to make a name for yourself, then you also need to offer a solution. What this City does not need is another “politician.”

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