Why I Run

By Adriana Strah

(WINDSOR, ON) – “I only run if someone’s chasing me.” This is what my soon-to-be brother in law says to me every time I bring up a long distance I ran. I just don’t think he gets it.

There are numerous reasons why people run. Let’s go through the list.  Then I can explain why I run. I’m sure there will be a few missed, so please feel free to write me and let me know your reasons for running.

People run for: fitness, fun, a challenge, weight loss, a personal goal, runner’s high, money, their mental health, the social aspect of group running and a plethora of other reasons.

Why do I run? It’s pretty much a combination of several of the reasons mentioned above. I started running for weight loss and then discovered I loved it because it was a challenge and these challenges led me to create personal goals for running. Now… I’m addicted. I can’t not run. I can’t not go outside with my shoes strapped to my feet, iPod in ears, sunglasses on to feel the pavement, or concrete or trail under my feet. I actually get a little itchy if I go longer than a few days without a run. This love, this addiction, is what compelled me to register for my second full marathon.

About 6 years ago (exactly six years ago) I ran my first full marathon. 42.2 kilometers without a running buddy. All I had were 4 people sending me off at the start line. My parents looked worried at the half-way mark. Then along with my friend Kat and her mom they looked excited and relieved when I reached the finish line. This time around, I’m smarter. I have a training partner, I’ll have trained properly and I’ll have friends and family along the route for support.

There will be trials and tribulations, setbacks and discouragement along with aches and pains. What  do you get in the end? You get a sense of accomplishment and another medal to hang on your race hook. Also,  I’ll get to fill you in on the whole experience!

Beware, however, of the post race high. After you finish the race you’re happy. The following week is recovery and time for you to sit and reminisce and go over the good points of training. This is when you’ll decide to pick up that credit card, type in the words “spring marathon” and sign up for another dose of punishment doled out by yours truly. Best to wait about a month to really make that decision. So hand that card over to your mom or boyfriend or wife and just wait.

Next week: The long run, why is it so long?

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