Questions, Questions, Questions

I hope someone can answer these twenty questions.

1. Where do term-limited Legislators in Michigan look for employment after the election in that State

2. If Edgar is “The 6% Man” since that is the amount CUPE will receive in pay increases during their contract (rather than the 0% that CUPE was prepared to take before the strike started), how many tens of millions of dollars extra will the Mayor and the other Council hardliners cost taxpayers if a person is an employee for 30 years

3. Why didn’t the Star publish a front page story with a huge bold headline every time another Windsor Fat Cat came out and supported Edgar (aka Eddie) for Mayor the way they did when a Union leader supports Rick Limoges

4. Since 50% of the audit has been done on the wFcU arena, have the sections on sole sourcing and whether the City got a good deal on the naming rights and lease agreement with the Spitfires been completed yet? If so, why can’t these sections are being released now as an interim report in the same way that there was an interim report with the 400 Building audit.

5. Will the Pizza Queen ask another of the students who attended the course where Gord’s publicized student received an “A” for his work on the canal project to do one on the “Cultural hub”

6. Where are our “shrewd investors” buying property in Windsor these days

7. If the City lawyer in the BUHDAG lawsuit is not interested in stalling the process, then why is the Star reporting that the City is preventing statements being taken from City employees since these statements will have to be given in any event

8. If all of the students downtown will revitalize it, then why isn’t the West End area around the University now a booming location

9. If a developer wanted to build student housing downtown to accommodate all of these thousands of students that will be attending classes at the College and University when parts of their campuses are relocated, will he use the new CMHC loan insurance policies for financing the student housing

10. Whatever happened to the Matt Ford video “Eddie Francis protest ends in threat of arrest!” since it was on his election website but has now been taken down? I do not understand that since it is still shown on Youtube.

11. Were City of Windsor employees blocked from participating in the Windsor Star mayoral poll “Access denied. Not according to our acceptable use policy” but still allowed to read the Star and make comments

12. If Eddie Mio had run for Mayor, how would the media have distinguished between the 2 Eddies in articles

13. Why are the Feds pumping money into Windsor to protect species at risk and yet the Butler’s garter snake is threatened with both the DRIC Road and Edgar’s airport hub

14. A Star Editorial claims that people won’t mind if snakes are relocated so the DRIC Road project can be built. Has anyone asked for the snakes’ views

15. If that same Editorial is so concerned about residents’ health, especially children, then how could the Editors drop their advocacy for Greenlink

16. Whatever happened to the Lufthansa Report

17. Where are all of those anonymous investors that Edgar has been chasing for years but whose identities cannot be revealed

18. How many jobs will Postmedia cut at the Star, if any?  Will the people  who lose their  jobs want to  work at the  Square. [Better get those resumes in soon!]

19. Since Don Merrifield, a candidate for Councillor in Ward 3, is also a real estate agent, did passers-by seeing his election sign on the lawn of a house think that it was for sale

20. Why is Edgar always so faaaaaaaaaaaaaar behind:

“Prime Minister Stephen Harper today officially opened the new cargo terminal at London International Airport, which will create new jobs and provide lasting infrastructure for the region’s long-term growth.

“This new cargo terminal will help the City become a leading transportation hub, and will be critical to London’s future as a major North American and international gateway,” Prime Minister Harper said. “This project is a perfect example of how a well-timed investment can create construction jobs in the short-term while providing lasting infrastructure for longer-term prosperity and growth.”

Bonus  Question #21—When will the  Star apologize for the  mini-Gord  "Blackshirts" comment?

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