London ECE’s Good To Go

(LONDON, ON) – Local 4186 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) yesterday reached a ground-breaking agreement with the London District Catholic School Board (LDCSB) that will help ensure a successful rollout of the new Early Learning Program (ELP) in September.

“We are very excited to have concluded this important step to making early learning a reality in London,” said Moira Bell, President, CUPE Local 4186.

The letter of agreement is among the first negotiated by CUPE to incorporate the terms of the recently negotiated Provincial Discussion Table (PDT) agreement between the Province, school boards and the unions which represent the bulk of Ontario’s school board staff. The PDT agreement has now been incorporated into the current collective agreement between LDCSB and CUPE, and will be in effect until 2012.

“When school starts in September, parents can know that the early learning professionals this agreement covers will be focused on making early learning a success at LDCSB by providing their children with the best possible education,” said Bell

Among other things, the agreement reached yesterday provides a framework for the orderly placement of Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) into the board’s existing collective agreement, as well as establishing the role ECEs will play in the classroom.

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  1. hey hey

    Awesome London, the envy of Windsor!

    At what point will Windsor residents see the tyranny in our city hall?

    Why couldn’t our mayor work with anyone at all for once?

    Do we get it when our community’s early childhood educator careers are discarded like trash?

    Now compare Windsor to London. Are the values in Windsor so different from London? Or have we simply placed the wrong person to express our values for us?

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