Future Bright For LED Maker

(WINDSOR, ON) – Windsor-West MPP Sandra Pupatello and Essex County Warden Tom Bain were joined by numerous guests from across the Windsor-Essex region to formally welcome Pristine LED Inc. to the business community with the grand opening of Pristine LED’s new 22,300 sq. ft. head office and manufacturing facility at 3215 Jefferson Boulevard in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Pristine LED manufactures and installs high-efficiency lighting for the commercial, industrial and residential markets. LED (Light Emitting Diode) te chnology uses up to 75% less electricity than other lighting products, while producing a more natural light. These financial and environmental benefits are rapidly making LED technology the preferred choice for new and retrofit lighting installations.

”Windsor offers a highly skilled workforce, which will be essential for staffing our facility,” said Kim Hennin, Chief Executive Officer of Pristine LED. ”We will be employing about 50 people for production start-up, and ex pect ultimately to generate 250 to 300 new jobs in the Windsor area.”

”Our new facility is well positioned to serve both the US and Canadian markets,” said Harold Tiede, Chief Financial Officer of Pristine LED. ”Windsor is also home to several complementary manufacturers with the capacity and capability to produce components for us.”

Bruce Melmer, President of Pristine LED noted, ”By sourcing the majori ty of our components locally, we can reduce transportation involved in production, and ultimately reduce the carbon footprint associated with our manufacturing process, making our product that much more environmentally responsible.”

“I’m pleased to officially welcome Pristine LED and up to 300 new jobs to Windsor-Essex,” said Pupatello. “I was delighted to hear that our skilled workforce and co mpetitive business environment were deciding factors for the company, and that Pristine will also be looking to local suppliers for their component parts.”

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  1. blindsight

    Hmmm , looks like nobody wants to really say how far out ,’still’ the cost for this LED manufacturing is from what is currently being offered to retrofit currently lighting installations. Its a extreme hard sell to owners ,especially with the required upfront investment not mentioned. But it sounds good if you don’t do the homework .

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