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Top 12 Recliner Chairs for Contemporary Seating Areas

If you are looking for a good place to relax after a tough day, then recliners are the best choice for you. As per this article, These chairs are not only decorative but also cozy enough for resting while watching TV or even reading.

They are available in different designs and colors that inhibit moods and feelings and match the décor of most living rooms. Moreover, a recliner will help you boost your confidence while inviting guests to your house. For modernized living rooms, consider the following top 12 recliner chairs:

  • Brown Recliner Chair in Bristol Loop Condo

Brown Recliner Chair in Bristol Loop Condo

The brown recliner chair in this living room will add a splash of elegance to any space. As a result, it invites a touch of manly features as spotted in the above photo. Even though the cool colors are unsuitable to most girls, they perfectly portray a fair modern look.

  • Decatur Modern Renovation

Decatur Modern Renovation

The best thing about this space is that it has an artistic touch all around. The recliner chair also contains soft paddings that will help you relax, read or just watch TV with maximum comfort. From the paintings on the walls to the colorful furnishings, this is a peaceful place for people to enjoy relaxation.

  • Possum Trot Residence

Possum Trot Residence

The two black recliner chairs in this room add a classic feature to the whole setting. An addition of a cream carpet helps break the black monotony and provides a contrasting characteristic. With this sleek living room, you will achieve optimal relaxation and comfort whenever you prefer.

  • San Francisco Residence

San Francisco Residence

The above recliner chair has a footrest, making the setting more exciting. It conveniently offers a comfy relaxation area especially after a long day at work or school. Additionally, the different ornate colors, comprising of beige, orange, and brown, create a warm and lucent living room.

  • East Brunswick

East Brunswick

This recliner also has a footrest that contains black and cream colors, similar to, those of the recliner chair. The overall room is however equipped with different colored items to prevent the room from appearing dull. Furthermore, this space exhibits simple features, great for young adults.

  • Dampier


This black recliner chair with a footrest is a mid-century asset. It is a great choice for anyone since it is less costly and readily available in most markets. The chair’s headrest contains a swift reclining characteristic with soft padding to add maximum comfort and relaxation. It will further fit perfectly in any modern living room.

  • Mount Pleasant Residence

Mount Pleasant Residence

In this type of setting, the chairs blend perfectly with the included carpet as well as the overall décor. A few greens are however added in the scene for a different look and feel. With these twin recliner chairs, your living room will appear luxurious.

  • San Francisco Contemporary Residence

San Francisco Contemporary Residence

Few but large furniture is perfect for this kind of living room since the space is really small. The bulky sofa and recliner chair creates a comfy area to relax especially after a hectic day. Moreover, the different neutral colors promote a cool environment for optimum satisfaction.

  • Northumberland


The recliner chair in this living room looks classy and soft. Its white color makes it an even better addition to this type of space. The above room is a great illustration of how you can decorate a small living area.

  • Gloucester Road Apartment

Gloucester Road Apartment

This living room comprises mainly browns, reds, and oranges. The white recliner chair appears more prominent to bring out an exciting scheme in the warm room.

  • California Contemporary

California Contemporary

These two recliner chairs face a fire pit to bring about an innovative setup. They also make a great reading or relaxing area for anyone. Finally, the contrasting colors on the whole decor create perfect decorations and ignite different moods.

  • BellevueModern Farmhouse

BellevueModern Farmhouse

This particular space looks like a movie area. The added recliner chairs help you relax while watching your favorite movie. Since most homes don’t possess the above setup, your house will likely be distinguishable from others.


With the right color choices, recliners will help you achieve your dream living room in an instant. The chairs serve as classy and comfy additions to any seating area no matter the size of your space. Conclusively, they can be used to decorate your room by enhancing your interior décor.