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Does Vaping degrade the quality of your house?

The modern era of nicotine consumption has taken the form of vaping, the use of e-cigarettes and other electronic vaping products to ingest the addictive substance. Vape industry experts have embraced vaping with such vigor that it seems like an everyday thing. People today vape anywhere and anytime, regardless of the consequences.

The majority of vaping today occurs indoors, whether in private homes, apartments, or clubs. Though lacking in the horrendous plant smoke and smell released by normal tobacco smoking, vaping produces vapors and odors due to the burning of the vape chemicals. One may wonder if these vapors affect or degrade their house’s value, especially if they are a habitual indoor vaper. Short answer, yes. Vaping does indeed degrade the quality of your home.

How vaping impacts the quality of your house

Vaping pens and products do not contain normal tobacco. Instead, they have a pure form of tobacco mixed with other chemicals like propylene glycol, benzene, and formaldehyde. These chemicals are mixed with the nicotine to properly facilitate its vaporization and enhance the taste of the vapor. When these chemicals are burnt in the vape, they vaporize with the nicotine to produce ultrafine particles that are even more concentrated than normal cigarette smoke.

These ultrafine particles circulate in your indoor ventilation to adhere to air ducts, curtains, furniture, walls, and surfaces. Over time, your indoor air quality deteriorates because these ultrafine particles keep circulating in your ventilation. These chemicals, like propylene glycol, are known carcinogens when they are burnt and vaporized. Therefore, anyone who moves into a house notoriously used for indoor vaping is likely to inhale these carcinogens and get cancer.

Moreover, these chemicals react with wall paints to produce even more toxic chemicals as well as degrading the paint itself and wallpapers.

Factors that enhance the adverse effects of indoor vaping on the quality of your house

One may wonder then what enhances the harmful effects of indoor vaping on your house. The following factors increase the degradation of your house quality through vaping.

  • Frequency of indoor vaping- the more you vape indoors, the higher the degrading effects.
  • Chemical composition of the vaping products- different companies have different ingredients in the vape, which causes different effects depending on the chemicals used.
  • Size of the house- a smaller house deteriorates in value due to vaping much faster than a larger house- this is because of the amount of air circulating per unit area.
  • Type of ventilation installed in the house- if you have sophisticated air conditioning and ventilation, your home will degrade slowly because the ventilation will trap some of the ultrafine particles. Lack of proper ventilation and air conditioning means your house will degrade faster.

How then can you mitigate the vaping effects on the value of your house?

If you are planning to sell your house and you are a routine indoor vaper, here are some of the things you can do to mitigate the adverse effects of indoor vaping to increase your house value:

  • Use professional cleaning services to clean your house. While one may clean out his house well when they want to list it, you must use professional cleaning services to ensure 100 % cleaning quality. Of course, this is expensive but necessary to remove the vaping residue and smell on the floors and wall that is usually oblivious to the homeowner.
  • Consider reducing the cost of your house listing if you do not want to hire professional cleaners. This will help buyers overlook the degradation of your house.
  • Change the ventilation and air conditioning or cleanout to remove trapped ultrafine particles of the vape.
  • After a professional cleaning, paint your house afresh.
  • Use incense sticks or air scents to enhance air smell when showing the new buyer the freshly cleaned house.