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Is It Possible To Purchase A House Online?

From gadgets to apparel, you can now buy nearly everything online and you can find online tutoring jobs as well, this includes buying a home through the internet. Read on below to know how to properly and safely purchase a house with just your computer and mobile device.

Get Preapproval for a Mortgage

Before you begin searching for a house, it is important to know your budget so you will know your limitation financially. In order to do that, you need to get prequalified for a mortgage. Seek for a lender who can grant you a loan and permits you to comply with the needed documents and sign contracts through the internet.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is a vital partner you must have as he or she can provide valuable information about the properties that are available in the market. Their intelligence and skills in the home procurement process, negotiating as well as the knowledge on the area you would like to live in can be tremendously beneficial. Also, since you want the process through online and touring homes is difficult for you to do, your agent can do it for you.

Shop for Houses

After finding an agent that you can trust, you can start shopping for a house. There are real estate listing sites you can visit but don’t forget to ask for some input from your agent as well. Here are some questions you may contemplate while looking for a house.

How many bedrooms?

How much is the local property taxes?

Is it near to commercial establishments?

Are there parking spaces available?

What is the home’s overall condition?

Appraised the Property

An appraisal is an expert estimate of the worth of the property. Your lender will help you in scheduling an appraisal. This is essential for it will tell all the parties involved the fair price for the house.

Schedule a Home Inspection

Your agent can conduct a home inspection for you to check if the appraisal of the property is reasonable for you. There may have significant structural damages that need to be fixed. This can help you to have a sensible decision in making a purchase order or renegotiate your initial offer.

Review the details

If all is well and you’ve come to reach an agreement with the seller, your mortgage company will forward you a Closing Disclosure document which enumerates the final terms and conditions of your loan. Assess the disclosure, then continue to close the deal.

Finalize the Sale

The online closing procedure will differ from one lender to another. There are lenders that enable you to comply with your identifying information through email and allow digital signature on documents. Communicate with your lender to know everything you need to do to close the deal.


With the help of these real estate sites, buying a house online is very possible but you need to exert extra effort and find a reliable agent. These sites are also tutoring online buyers as they provide tips and guidance in buying a home online. As you’re going through these steps in finding your new sweet home, always do them with caution.