An Embarrasment To The People

By John K Bennett

(DETROIT, MI) – Oh the sweet smell of success, an elected official with an already paid for car, gas, maintenance, a chauffeur and a nearly million dollar budget. Oops, not so sweet, especially when you’re being foreclosed on because you’re incapable of handling your personal finances.

But hey this is America, it happens. A total of 2,698,967 properties entered some stage of foreclosure — default notice, scheduled auction or bank repossession — last year.

Michigan is still one of the States with the highest rate of foreclosure, so Mr. Pugh is not anomalous. He is not the first Councilmember with such issues. But the fact that he is a sitting Councilman, the President of the City Council in fact, overseeing a city with its own severe cash flow problems is an embarrassment to the people who elected him to that office and hopefully to himself.

Council President Pugh has been very outspoken about city workers taking cuts and making sacrifices and city residents tightening their belts and doing without. But apparently those are just mere words to the well dressed, well manicured Council leader. The Detroit News story reported that this is not the first problem of this sort for Pugh. These troubles followed 11 notices of eviction for unpaid rent at Trolley Plaza from 2001 to 2005. He apparently has a history of walking away from his responsibilities.

There is a song that says, “sweep around your own front door before sweeping around mine”.


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  1. Honesty

    Well Council President Pugh’s has been caught with his dirty laundry, on budgeting his own finances. While the mayor and city council of Windsor just spend our tax dollars on sure to fail projects. All I can say it’s Pugh’s finances that are in question, not him spending the Detroit City taxes.

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